Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things I'm obsessing about right now...

Khiels lotion

My fall/winter uniform: sweater dress and boots

Sugar Free Jello Pudding snacks- 60 cals for all that creamy chocolate goodness? Yes please!

My Uggs- how did my feet stay warm with out them?

Gold necklaces- not in the gangster or Italian sort of way. Think J. Crew...

Dreaming about what I'll be when I grow up. Is it bad that I don't know yet?

Glee- just bought Vol. 1 of music from the show- it's stellar!

Teaching my lab- my students are a hoot!

Netflix- movies straight to my computer? Where have you been all my life?

Traveling- on the short list of places I want to go next: New York, Puerto Rico, the UK and Chicago

Reality TV: Kardashians, the Hills, the City, Tough Love...

Zumba- most fun I've ever had at the gym

Yoga in my room instead of the gym

Hating on overrated popular Twilight.

Being an Aunt!!!!!

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